Joao Costa

About Me

I'm a product guy with an entrepreneur mindset, working the last 15 years with different technologies and challenges, like innovation institutes, e-commerce, big data and ride-railing companies.

In this period I have been focused primarily in the area of product management, and I'm fascinated by the way data, customer insights, design, psychology and personalization all converge within this discipline.

I also had the privilege to work in some roles that allow me to solve problems and formulate ideas based on data insights, translating vast amount information in features and rapidly test those features with a massive number of customers helping the companies I worked to growth.

I believe that testing is a high standard scientific method of understanding the user's behaviour, which shapes a company's understanding of their customers and allows companies to improve its user's experience.

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99 / Didi Chuxing Brazil

Head of Product, CX and Design February 2018 - Present

99 it's one of the most prominent Brazilian ride-healing startups, changing the way people think about transportation. Not that long ago we were just an app to request taxi cars in a few metropolitan areas. Now we’re a part of the ecosystem of more than 500 cities around Brazil. Using technology to help people to move across cities.

As a Head of Product, my primary focus is to help 99/Didi Brazil Business to growth defining the product vision and strategy across different product teams (B2B, Drivers, Passengers, Payments, Customer Experience and Product Design), leading an international and world-class group of 30 professionals such as Product Managers (Brazilians and Chineses), CX Specialists and Product Designers (UX and UI) to develop the best experience for 99 users.


Head of Drivers Product May 2017 - February 2018

As a Head of Drivers Product, I was responsible for leading an international product development effort and partnership with Didi Chuxing (Beijing, CN) to build the new 99 Driver App using Didi's world-class technology to support 99 growth.

Beleza na Web

VP of Product June 2016 - May 2017

Beleza na Web is one of the largest beauty e-commerce in Latin America, founded in 2008 and grew 51% Year over Year in gross sales in 2016 when in the meanwhile, the online market rose only 5%.

As VP of Product, I was responsible to the product strategy and vision of the company's website (Storefront, Search, Checkout, Catalog, Mobile, and SEO) and also held company's white-label e-commerce platform, managing partnerships with prominent beauty brands like Inoar, Wella, and Estee Lauder.

During the period leading this area, we increased company's website conversion rate by 34% on Desktop devices and 26% on Mobile devices improving the user experience through the conversion funnel and developed a new Mobile App focused on content experience to support the company growth.

Passei Direto

Product Manager October 2015 – June 2016

Passei Direto has the mission to connect students and their knowledge and provide a richer learning experience. The network is open and collaborative for over 5+ million students, and 70% of their traffic is organic.

My challenge at Passei Direto is to develop a new Textbook solution product for the Brazilian market, connection engineers from different countries (US, Brazil, India, and Israel) with a tight deadline for the beta. This product has previously developed by Chegg (Passei Direto's principal investor) with massive success in the US.


Senior Product Manager & Partner November 2013 - September 2015

Chaordic is a leader in personalization solutions for e-commerce in Brazil. With its products, online stores such as Saraiva, and Walmart Brazil offer the right products for every consumer, impacting millions of users in the Brazilian e-commerce.

My responsibilities as a Product Manager at Chaordic was to manage the entire company products line life cycle from strategic planning to tactical activities, ship enterprise/SaaS-based products to market.

I also drive solutions set across development teams (Engineering, Data Science and Marketing) through market requirements, product contract and positioning, developing and implementing a company-wide go-to-market plan, working with all departments to execute and manage a team of UXs/POs to create new features to Chaordic products.

In this period, I led the development of Chaordic Search, the first personalized E-commerce Search of the market.

Product Manager - Innovation/New Offers March 2013 - November 2013

As Product Manager of Innovation/New Offers at Chaordic, I was responsible to ideation and design for new enterprise/SaaS-based products for e-commerce (B2B / B2C) using product personalization/recommendation technology through big data analysis.

In this period, I led the market research, development of functional prototypes for e-commerce platforms and mobile (Android and iOS), UX/UI Design, usability testing and user engagement evaluation. One of the best results of this phase was Chaordic Search, a personalized search platform whom I started to develop later.

Product Owner - Email Marketing Platform June 2011 - March 2013

As Product Owner of Email Marketing Platform at Chaordic, I was responsible for leading the features development, pricing and go-to-market strategy of a personalized, enterprise/SaaS-based product, real-time, email marketing platform for Brazilian online retailers.


Co-Founder & CPO May 2010 - June 2011

Rudra is a startup that aims to develop software for new business models, within the design of natural capitalism. The company's mission is to transform the discourse of sustainability into practice through innovative products and processes for segments deemed strategic.

In this project, we launched an MVP of a solid waste management system and implemented in 3 companies.

We decided to shut down the company and don't go ahead with this project due to a delay to approval the solid waste law by the Brazilian government, creating a severe impact on our company's cash flow. But we learn and have a lot of fun on this journey.

CERTI Foundation

Senior UX/UI Designer August 2008 - May 2011

CERTI Foundation is an independent, nonprofit organization that develops innovative technology solutions for the private sector, government and third sector institutions.

At CERTI Foundation, I worked with Digital Television technologies and developing the User Interface for some iDTV products like HD-One, one of the bests set-top box developed for the Brazilian Digital Television market – ISDB-Tb, used by Philips and AOC.

In this period, I led one of the first evaluations of usability for Brazilian Digital Television applications, creating a checklist for the development of these applications and used by other researchers in the country.